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iExit Interstate Exit Guide – A Must Have iOS Travel App

Every year many of us embark upon road trips all across the US interstates to reach our holiday and vacation destinations. And the iExit Interstate Exit Guide app, for iPhone and Android, is the perfect travel companion app to take with you on those long car rides.

iExit – A Life Saver Highway Travel App


That being said, road trips can either be a lot of fun or a “trying” nightmare, especially with hungry or grumbling kids who all have to go to the bathroom. Thanks to today’s mobile device technology and GPS, you can pretty much figure out how to get to any destination you want in a flash. And with the iExit Interstate Exit Guide app you have a handy navigational tool to help you quickly figure out which upcoming exits have what you’re looking for in the way of food, rest areas, hotels, campgrounds, grocery stores and retail stores – which are grouped by individual (numbered) exits. This recently updated version of iExit Interstate Exit Guide also includes the latest discount deals on hotels to help you save some $$$ as you travel.

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Map and List Views For The Places You’re Looking For Around You


This iPhone and iPad Travel app is very user friendly and opens with a nice tutorial showing you how to get around in its simple navigation, which consists of 3 main buttons: Search, More, and Map. The Search Functionality brings up filters for: Show Everything, which is the default (All Exits & Business); Search For A Business (to add to My Favorites), and convenient Preset Filters, which are nicely categorized into useful groups. These groups consist of: Deal & Promotions, Unleaded & Diesel, Food, Lodging, Truck Friendly, RV Friendly, Family Friendly, Rest Areas, and Alternative Fuel. The Family Friendly filter will show businesses that have a playground or a rest area to give your kids a place to burn off a little pent up energy.

Perfect App For Travel Road Warriors!


The More button (upper left) allows you a lot more flexibility to Add/Edit Favorites, set background alerts, hide filters you don’t need, and plan your trip state-by-state, and by the “Browse Using Location” feature – among many other things. Allowing the application to use your current location enables the iExit app to constantly update realtime as you ride along the interstate in your vehicle. And for those of you who really like to plan ahead, you’ll be happy with the “Browse Exits by State” feature. This feature allows you to pre-plan your trip state-by-state, starting with the 1st exit to the last through each state. You’ll also see icons next to each exit representing what you’ll find at that specific exit. That even includes listing the number of miles from your current location. How great is that? Tapping on any specific exit will also give you a chance to take notes and see the businesses, via push pins on the surrounding map.

Tap on a specific business to get a pre-set phone number to call, favorite it, open Google maps for directions or “Report Error” if there’s anything amiss. I put the iExit Interstate Exit Guide app to the test using the “Browse My Location” to see if it could calculate my nearest interstate exit, which was correct at 2.2 miles from me. However, iExit only listed 1 out of the 2 gas stations at that location. Being familiar with that exit, I know there’s 1 gas station on each side of the freeway, so obviously it didn’t identify the second gas station. But, iExit did also list the Waffle House restaurant for this exit as well. Technically, there are 2 restaurants, but if you look under the information for the Flying J gas station listing, it does list their restaurant, along with all the amenities that the Flying J offers.

The iExit Interstate Exit Guide app is a fabulous and convenient road trip travel buddy and vacation planning tool. It takes the guess work out of traveling the interstate and keeps you well informed of your upcoming surroundings. Now you don’t have to fret and wonder whether or not you made a huge mistake by not stopping at that last exit to get gas or food. Or worse yet – take that much needed bathroom break. I think this iPhone and iPad Travel app is well worth the $0.99, but there is also a Free version called iExit Lite that you can take for a test drive first.

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