Incredibly Fast Match 3 iPhone Puzzle Game…Legacy Mansion!

Legacy Mansion is a very fast paced match 3 game that includes a puzzle look and find aspect. I am a big fan of both match 3 games, as well as look and find games, having both in one app is even more fun. Appache Mobile has developed this game with a bit of a difficulty factor. While not making the game impossible, it has been made quite challenging. You begin the game outside of a mansion and the objective is to find items related to the mansion within the match 3 puzzle pieces, then get those items to the bottom of the puzzle screen before time runs out. My first play and time ran out on me. There is a help feature in the form of lucky dice on the bottom right that will help you, but at a price, that price being time. Legacy Mansion is a great puzzle game that will make even the best puzzle players have to work a little harder. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos for more awesome iPhone app applications. CM

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