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Inkub HD is a new game for the Mac App Store that capitalizes on being a bit different than most tower defense games. While the goal in all tower defense games is to keep some monsters from getting to some valuable item of yours, in this game you are protecting a nest of eggs in an incubator connected to life-support systems by clear, carbon, tubes. Although this does not vary from the usual tower defense course, it is certainly a very creative and different goal than I have ever seen. The other thing you’ll notice is that instead of your towers, or in this case cannons, being on the side of the battle and unaffected, they are IN the tube and can sustain damage and even explode. This is a much-needed change to tower defense games as far as I can see, because you have to wonder why in other games the monsters don’t bother to attack the attacking towers. With these new and improved tower defense methods, you have to develop completely new strategies on how to defend your incubator, thus making it more exciting and interesting. This game has decent graphics, a new & interesting take on tower defense, fun gameplay, and tons of levels. My only complaints with this game are it’s a bit confusing at first. I was not sure what to do starting out even with the on-board help. Also the levels can feel slow at some points. Definitely worth checking out for it’s current price of $3.99 for anyone that wants a new spin on tower defense or just a good time. I will give this one a 4/5, because it displays a great new idea in a fun & exciting way, but could still be improved. Tswmcello
mac app reviewmac app review

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Title: Inkub HD
Cost: $3.99
Category: Games
Developer:  Cosmonaut Games Inc.
Store: Mac App Store

Rating: 4 out of 5 heads

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Inkub HD - 46 To Shinjuku Medialab, S.L.

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