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Stressed out? Have I got a FREE Mac app for you. Breathing Zone Free – Relaxing Breathing Exercises is a medical app designed by Breathing Zone and recommended by the Harvard Medical School. As you can imagine, running a website and searching for the best apps (iOS, Android, Mac) to share with you can be a little stressful. When I saw this app, I thought, “great, reduce stress through breathing….lets try it.” I fired this app up and read the quick start guide (took about 1 minute), then started the breathing exercise. The breathing exercise lasts for 5 minutes and is really cool. A calm soothing voice guides you through the initial few breaths, which are also coordinated with a kaleidoscope visual effect as well. How this works: you begin breathing 10 breaths per minute (BPM), and the idea is to reduce this to 8 BPM through the 5 minute breathing exercise. By decreasing breathing to 8 BPM, it provides a host of good benefits to making you healthier such as: reduced stress, increased positive mood, lower blood pressure, lower heart rate. My personal experience was very positive — I was a little light-headed to begin with, but felt better by end of exercise. I found that breathing through both my mouth and my nose was most beneficial. The breathing exercise tries to reduce your inhalation and increase your exhalation, which I found actually happened to me. I went the whole 5 minutes, but wanted to quit half-way through. By completing the breathing exercise, I found myself to instantly be calmer and continued for the last half-hour, while writing this blog post. I am going to use this app a couple times a day to see if I can reduce my stress and become more productive. Check out more Mac app reviews by CM

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Breathing Zone Free – Relaxing Breathing Exercises Mac App Details

Title: Breathing Zone Free – Relaxing Breathing Exercises
Price: FREE
Size: 17.3 MB
Category: Medical
Developer: Breathing Zone
Store: Mac App Store

Breathing Zone Free – Relaxing Breathing Exercises Mac App Download Link

Breathing Zone Free - Relaxing Breathing Exercises - Breathing Zone

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