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Tincta is a fantastic, FREE one-window text editor for Mac users, with super easy intuitive controls. This app features a spell checker, grammar checker (both of which can be turned on to “auto check” as you type), as well as other basic text editing features. The biggest benefit of this application if for the developers. This app features 70 different syntax coloring profiles for all the top development languages, making this app a developer’s dream text editor and it’s FREE. Tincta also features a fast line numbering engine, which also manages line wrapping with ease and calculates every line correctly even for large files. While a developer (only by title), I can see the value from a coding standpoint from my limited knowledge and experience that the Tincta app is a handy tool to help most Mac users, but especially developers. There is a Pro version of Tincta that has more bells and whistles, and it sells for $12.99. You may want to check it out if you dig the FREE version. Check out more Mac app reviews by CM

free mac app reviewsfree mac app reviews

Tincta Mac App Details

Title: Tincta
Price: FREE
Size: 3.1 MB
Category: Developer Tools
Developer: Mr. Fridge Software
Store: Mac App Store

Tincta FREE Mac App Download Link

Tincta - Mr. Fridge Software

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