What Will I Be When I Grow Up? Dad Has The Answer In This iOS Books App

iPad App Review for Kids Book What Will I Be When I Grow Up

Sometimes dads have the best answers to life's biggest questions. Which is what you'll discover when Lewis and Maddi pop the “What will I be when I grow up?” question on their father in this charming iOS Books app. Follow along in the What Will I Be? storybook to see how … [Read more...]

Resurrection of Jesus And Alternate Theories,Resurrection iWitness App

iPad App Review for the Resurrection of Jesus App

Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead? The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of oldest topics up for debate, and has led to the development of other theories that explain away the Resurrection Theory. But which one of these theories is the most believable and … [Read more...]

The Easter Story For Kids, iOS App – Great Free Bible Story For Kids

iPad App review for the Easter Story App

One of the greatest stories every told is the Easter story. And now you and your family can enjoy a beautiful rendition of this biblical story on your iPhone or iPad when reading The Story of Easter StoryChimes (FREE) by Idea Den. This free iOS Universal Books app features … [Read more...]

Interactive Book, My Parents Are Crazy, Funny iPad Kids Book! (Video)

Review for the Interactive Book My Parents Are Crazy

Billy wakes up to find his parents acting really strange in this funny, animated interactive Books app called My Parents Are Crazy! This iOS Universal kids' book is exciting to read and features a humorous story, mini-activities, engaging interactive opportunities, and 1 set … [Read more...]

Interactive Comic Book App – Sentinel HD – Intriguing Comic Book Novel

iPad Interactive Comic Book App Sentinel HD

If you’re looking for an interesting and intelligent comic book app, the Sentinel HD series should grab your attention. Like any good comic book series, this interactive graphic novel starts with an intriguing storyline. One that revolves around science, technology, world … [Read more...]

Life Skills For Kids, Learning App – Clean Rooms And Calm Attitudes!

Life Skills For Kids Learning App Review

Quit nagging your kids to clean up their rooms and let Tejas and Lollipop inspire them in this wonderfully peculiar learning app that teaches life skills for kids. This iPad Books app is packed with fun music, fresh graphics, likable characters and an imaginative storyline. … [Read more...]

Cool Storybook App For Kids, Monster Jam Rocks on the iPad

Monster Jam Book For iPad

Kids will have a great time rocking out with the dynamic monster characters in the Monster Jam iPad storybook app. This interactive iPad app introduces 4-8 year old kids to the lively Groundhog Band characters, colorful and fun artwork, and a chance to explore cool rock band … [Read more...]

Nativity Story For Kids – Charming and Nostalgic Pop Up Book For iPad

Nativity Story For Kids iPad App Review

Experience the miracle of the First Christmas through a unique Nativity story for kids. The Nativity Story - Popup Deluxe Edition by Puddle Tap Publishing brings an interesting and high quality iPad book to the mobile platform. In this iPad application you and your family … [Read more...]

A Charlie Brown Christmas App – Classic Christmas Goodness

Screen Shot 2011-11-21 at 8.08.32 AM

The classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas, kids' TV story becomes an awesome A Charlie Brown Christmas app. The developers, Loud Crow Interactive, have done a great job of retrofitting the classic Christmas TV version to be an almost identical iOS Universal Books … [Read more...]

Wubbzy App, Wubbzy’s Dance Party Is Fun Hands-On Learning!

Wubbzy App Wubbzy's Dance Party iPad App Review

The Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! characters throw a fun dance party on the iPhone and iPad in the Wubbzy's Dance Party app by Cupcake Digital. This quality interactive and animated Books app features the same familiar TV characters that toddlers and preschoolers love. It also comes … [Read more...]