Ragdoll Blaster, Shoot Your Raggedy Ann Doll Puzzler

Ragdoll Blsater, dredges up old memories. How many of you had a Raggedy Ann or a Raggedy Andy while growing up as a kid? Come on now don’t lie! I am sure I had one of these dolls (hopefully it was Andy) and or a shirt with one of these dolls on it back in the day. I have repressed most of my dreams (nightmares) about these dolls until recently. Backflip Studios was nice enough to dredge up my repressed memories by shooting Raggedy Ann or Raggedy Andy from a cannon, level, after level, after level. Now I know it is not the real Raggedy Ann or Raggedy Andy or there would be copyright issues (whatever). So Backflip Studios delivers a cool app called Ragdoll Blaster-A Physics Game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This app has actually helped me in my fragile ragdoll issue laden state. The game play is easy. You shoot ragdolls out of a cannon attempting to hit whatever challenging target you are presented with. The very cool thing is the ragdolls body movement physics wise mimics the gravitational movement of a real ragdoll (wow did I just say that?). So your ragdoll flops and folds as it is pummeled out of the cannon. I played this game and instantly became a huge fan. I cruised through several levels, but I did not consume the entire 74 levels in this app (I know iTunes only shows 70). I have it from a good source (Backflip Studios) that an update is forth coming with more difficult levels for you sick, sick, ragdoll cannon shooting freaks. As for me, a couple more sessions with my shrink playing Ragdoll Blaster-A Physics Game and I should be able to stop carrying around my Raggedy Ann doll (truth comes out). Seriously, Ragdoll Blaster is a game of accuracy, luck and a whole lot of hilarity. This game is well worth the $1.99 this app costs in the iTunes App Store. ***Disclaimer**There were no Ragdolls injured in the development of this app or during any game play****

Ragdoll Blaster iPhone App Video Review


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