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iPhone Gift App, El Gifto – Gift Ideas Guru for Every Occasion

If you hate giving gifts because you don’t know what to buy, then you’ll love the Free iPhone gift app that takes the guess work out of the occasion. The El Gifto – Gift Ideas Guru app provides the perfect gift ideas for just about everyone on your list, including your pets. By making some simple category choices, you’ll receive gift ideas that are perfect for the person on your list and just right for the occasion.


The thing I like best about this iPhone gift app is that it takes the psychology of the person into consideration before suggesting random gift ideas. I’ve seen plenty of other iPhone gift apps, but this one has the best targeted gift ideas so far. El Gifto allows you to personalize your shopping with helpful categories that describe the person you’re shopping for. Once you choose 1-2 label types from the preset categories, you’ll get some gift idea results back. For best results you’ll want to select from each of these categories: Gender, Age, Price Range, Ego, Interest, Occasion, and Relationship.

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This iPhone gift app does a nice job of segmenting all these main categories into sub categories. Take the Age range category for instance. It has 11 subcategories and starts with “Baby 0-1” to “60+.” You can select a Price Range, which begins at “$0-$20” and goes all the way to “Luxury ($500+).” I have to admit that the Ego category is where it gets a little trickier because you may not have a totally clear understanding of the 11 terms used.

There are common and interesting labels like “Hipster, Couch Potato, Nerd/Nerdette, Parents/Mini Van People, and Rebel.” And Occasion covers 15 different categories from the usual “Graduation, Anniversary, Birthday, Mother’s Day, and Housewarming” and then changes things up a bit to include occasions such as “Baptism, Breakup/Divorce, Kwanza, and Coming of Age Event.” Another nice touch by the developers of this iPhone gift app is that they even consider the giver’s relationship to the gift receiver (Friend/Relative, Lover/Spouse, or Professional).

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Once you get past all that, you’ll get a bunch of gift idea results back. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the gift suggestions. This Lifestyle app also lists all similar items with price and vendor giving you options and the opportunity to comparison shopping. You can even order your gift(s) directly from the online vendors listed if you want.

And even if you don’t buy from the online vendors, you have gift ideas for shopping locally. El Gifto also lets you save items, filter and set a target/discount price, and then have the El Gifto – Gift Ideas Guru app alert you when this happens. Another nice feature in this shopping app is the barcode scanner. This gives you an opportunity to find and shop for items online that you use yourself on a regular basis.


Overall, I really like this app and found it very useful. I even tested it out on my family by having them select all the category choices themselves to see if the gift suggestions were things they’d actually like to receive. For the most part, the gift ideas where right on target. I’m not sure how El Gifto – Gift Ideas Guru does it, but this is one iPhone gift app that has earned a spot on my iPhone – at least for now.

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