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I am always on the lookout for new iPhone Tips & Tricks that save me time. This quick iPhone Tips & Tricks article on miscellaneous shortcuts provides a few super simple shortcuts that can will save you time. I will give you brief iPhone Tips & Tricks on iPod controls, home screen bookmarking, cap locks, calls from Safari, and alternate domain name endings.

iPhone Tips & Tricks

iPhone Tips & Tricks Shortcuts

1) iPod controls – Double tap the home button ( the big round button at the bottom of the iPhone). This will pull up a text message looking menu that will allow you to adjust the volume, skip tracks, or open up your iPod.

iPhone Tips To Save You Time

2) Bookmarking from Safari – While navigating through Safari you may find a rocking website and want to bookmark that to your home screen. This is different from bookmarking in the Safari browser (only will find when you open Safari). Bookmarking to your home screen allows you to have an icon placed on your home screen for the website you choose. Here is how you do it. When in Safari and viewing a website let your eyes wander to the bottom of the screen where you will se a + sign. Press the plus sign and you will have 3 options, choose the middle option or “add to home screen” option. This will add a small icon like any other app icon to your home screen. Some websites like Google have gotten with the times and they provide a nice app icon, which you will have a hard time telling the difference from any other apps. If the website has not created a small image for home screen bookmarking don’t panic you will have a miniature app icon for the website you are bookmarking on your home screen.

iPhone Tips How To Use Safari Bookmarks

3) Cap Locks – You need to go to settings, general, keyboard and enable “cap locks on.” Now whenever you are typing you can double tap the “caps” button or the up arrow button on the lower left side of the keyboard. When it turns white this will only capitalize the next letter, when it turns blue the cap lock is on and will capitalize all letters until you press it again.

4) Calls from Safari webpages – Whenever you see a telephone number in Safari and you want to call it, like from a search for pizza for example. Simply touch the number and it will bring up a text message like screen and ask you if you want to call this number. ***extra tip, once done go into recent calls and tap “create new contact” and you can add that number to your contacts.

5) Domain name endings – When tapping the .com button while in Safari, you can hold this button down to see alternate domain name endings. Not all domain names end with .com. Some end with org, edu, etc. When the international keyboard is in use you will be shown domain endings for the country you are using.

These are some simple, but powerful iPhone Tips to help you save some time while using your iPhone.

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