Clear – ToDos Have Never Been So Easy!

Clear (by Realmac Software) is an intuitive productivity "todo" app that works with mostly swipes, pinches and pulls. As iPhone applications mature, we are starting to see functionality (in apps) presented in a super simplistic user interface that is quite … [Read more...]

Tap Alarm Clock – Brilliantly Simple Alarm Solution!

Tap Alarm Clock (by AppAnnex) is a minimalist alarm clock, which can be set with just a few taps and swipes, and features a wide array of color clock customization, and more. Typically, alarm clock applications are not known for getting me too excited, but Tap Alarm Clock … [Read more...]

College T.A – All-In-One FREE iPhone College App!

Most college students keep very hectic schedules when classes are in session and have a lot of information to keep in order, but now they can easily keep track of pretty much everything college related with the College T.A. (by ArcDNA Inc.). This FREE iPhone app has a … [Read more...]

Sticky Memos on Your iPhone, Intuitive, Easy, Syncable

Memos (by Apimac) is a productivity application that lets you easily create virtual "sticky" notes, keep them organized, print them, and send via email, text, tweets, and more. This intuitive and simplistic productivity app puts sticky notes on the main screen of this app … [Read more...]

Instantly Share (Files, Photos, Links, Text) with Other Devices..AirForShare!

AirForShare (by is a productivity app that lets you instantly share photos, text, links and files between devices without having to deal with passwords, registrations, cables or downloaded software. Share anything, well almost anything to other devices on the … [Read more...]

Never Forget A Birthday Again with Happy B’Day!

No one wants to be forgotten, especially on their birthday. And with the social media revolution in full swing, most of us probably have more birthdays than ever before to keep track of (i.e., my 2,578 Facebook friends) -- overwhelming. Now, most normal people do not have … [Read more...]

PsychroApp….Tremendous Time-Saver Replacing ASHRAE Chart!

You've probably never heard of Psychrometrics, but if you have, the new Munters PsychroApp will definitely have a profound impact on your day-to-day job tasks. Psychrometrics is the study of physical and thermal properties of air and water vapor mixtures -- in layman's … [Read more...]

Get FREE Apps Daily with FreeAppReport!

If you love iPhone apps, primarily gaming apps, then you will want to opt for the FREE download of the FreeAppReport, iPhone app. This app designed by Unique Apps does one thing -- but does that one thing really well. It provides information daily about iPhone apps that have … [Read more...]

Discover 200 Plus iOS 5 Secrets

The much anticipated Apple iOS 5 release brings with it a learning curve that busy iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users don't have time to figure out. Fortunately, there is an app for that called Secrets for iOS 5 by iApp Universe. This app is a matter-of-fact tips and trick … [Read more...]

iOS 5 Reminders (native) iPhone App – Simply Remindful!

iOS 5 brings a treasure trove of new apps to the iPhone developed by Apple, some native, some free in the iTunes App Store. A simple new iPhone native productivity app that comes with iOS 5 is the Reminders app. This simple "todo" task manager application is a breeze to use … [Read more...]