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iSplash is a high quality photo color adjuster, Its interface is easy to use, the visual appeal is average and the functionality of the app is perfect. When you start iSplash up you are prompted with a screen that gives lets you choose the photo you would like to edit. From here, you choose the photo, it takes away all of the color, and then you color back what you want to pop out. Although this application does everything it says very well and without fail, it is a pretty apparent clone of Colorize by iApe which came out quite a time before iSplash and includes the same features. Currently the only difference between these apps would be the price; while colorize is $2.99, iSplash has a limited time price of $0.99.

In conclusion, iSplash is a well developed colorizing app that does what it says at a lower cost than the competition and I would recommend it to anyone searching for an app of this function. I’ll also give it a solid 4.5/5 star review, but only because it lacks diversity from the competition.Tswmcello

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iSplash Mac App Details

Title: iSplash
Cost: $0.99 (limited time), Normal $4.99
Category: Photography
Developer: T-Bone Apps
Store: Mac App Store

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