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iStudiez Pro, the work of the iStudiez Team, is a fully functional planner specifically designed for the high school to college level student looking for the best way to keep themselves organized during the school year. iStudiez Pro is amazing in the way that it packs so many features including homework tracking, an instructor list, holiday feature, priority setting, a full overview, assignment list, and full feature planner all into one easy-to-use and great looking application. Being a student myself I decided to input all of my classes, assignments, instructors, and holidays for the year, this process only took me only about 20 minutes, and when I was done I had everything laid out perfectly, more organized than I have ever been in my life. I believe in the coming weeks, if I make sure to keep iStudiez Pro updated, it will end up helping me to be a better student and stop forgetting assignments like I have in the past. Also, if your are the owner of a iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad you can download iStudiez Pro on your device, create an account, and keep your planner synced everywhere you go, a valuable feature for any student really serious about keeping their planner updated. Bottom line is iStudiez Pro is the best digital school planner I have ever used to date, and is essential for any student who wishes to be organized and never forget an assignment. This application easily scores a 5/5 head rating for it’s seamless UI, functionality, great visual look, and overall convenience, I would definitely recommend this to any student without doubt.Tswmcello

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iStudiez Pro Mac App Details

Title: iStudiez Pro
Cost: $9.99
Category: Productivity
Developer: iStudiez Team
Store: Mac App Store

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iStudiez Pro - iStudiez Team

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