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Learning Shapes Is Fun With The Explore and Learn Shapes Leprechaun App

Learning Shapes Kids St Patrick's Day iPad App Review

Your toddlers and preschoolers will have a great time learning shapes, colors, and more in this fun leprechaun-themed edugame for the iPhone and iPad. Explore and Learn Shapes is an Education app that not only teaches young kids early school skills, but does a great job of entertaining them too. This Irish inspired game by Mediakitchen features playful graphics, festive Irish music that keep things lively, and an adorable leprechaun guide named Lucky. And one of the reasons your kids will love Lucky is because he doles out plenty of encouragement along the way to keep them motivated to learn.

Although Explore and Learn Shapes’ main focus is to identify shapes and colors, this Education game takes the learning beyond just shapes and colors. Kids will also explore other activities that involve counting, matching, finding differences, and putting jigsaw puzzles back together again.

iPad App Review for Learning Shapes Kids App

App Details

Explore and Learn Shapes was designed for preschoolers (2-5 years old) and teaches a variety of foundational skills for reading, writing and mathematics. Kids will learn shapes such as: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, pentagon, hexagon, heart, star, and diamond. Children will also learn to identify 8 different colors by name and sight, as well as count shapes and assess differences between given shapes (color, size, and shape type).

The game objective in this app is to help Lucky fill his pot with gold by successfully completing the different learning games. Each time a game is completed, the shapes turn to gold coins. Kids will have to listen and follow Lucky’s verbal direction to complete each game. With either jovial encouragement or a wag of his finger and gentle chiding, Lucky keeps kids on track during the learning process.

Kids Learning Shapes iPad App Review

Another nice thing about the Explore and Learn Shapes game is that numbers, colors and shapes are spoken and/or seen throughout. These verbal and visual features help to reinforce the learning lessons in various ways. And Lucky, being the happy leprechaun that he is, gets excited when your kids successfully finish a game and does a funny little dance each time for positive reinforcement.

After successfully completing 4 games in a row, kids will be rewarded with farmed-themed stickers to populate their pasture scene. Parents will appreciate the option to customize the learning content and that this game has no way for little ones to get lost in the navigation or be taken outside the app. There are no navigational buttons anywhere other than on the opening screen. This game progresses to the next game automatically as each game is completed. However, it would be nice to have a pause/stop button for more control over the app’s functionality.

Explore and Learn Shapes iPad App Review


Explore and Learn Shapes is a great Kids’ learning app to help toddlers and preschoolers learn their shapes and colors using the iPhone or iPad. This is a fun Education app is appropriate for any time of year, but especially befitting for some extra St. Patrick’s Day fun for the little ones!

If you like this iOS Universal Education app, you can download the Explore and Learn Shapes app by Mediakitchen now using the iTunes App Store link below.

App Developer’s Description

Explore and Learn Shapes is an entertaining educational app aimed at children aged 2 to 5. There are eight fun shape games guided with voice over by the friendly character Lucky the Leprechaun who lives in a colourful land under the rainbow. Knowledge of shapes forms the basis of all learning and is essential for preparing children for the following:


When children learn to recognise shapes such as circles and triangles, they are building fundamental skills that will help them recognise numbers and letters. When they start reading, children often learn to recognise words by their ‘shape’. The same skills apply when children start writing and also when they start to work with numbers and understanding mathematics.

Explore and Learn Shapes reinforces abilities such as:

•Naming shapes
•Colour recognition
•Assessment of difference
•Understanding relative sizes

Lively music, full voice over and sound effects accompany the games and Lucky the Leprechaun responds to the child’s efforts with positive encouragement and congratulations as appropriate.

Correct answers make the shapes turn to golden coins that drop into Lucky’s pot of gold with a satisfying jingle. There are prizes in the form of stickers to be chosen and collected every time the child completes a series of four games. Using the stickers the child is able to build their own unique scene which also serves as an indicator to the parents of how many games the child has successfully completed.

Via the parental settings, the app can be customised to offer only those games an individual child is comfortable with. The settings also enable selecting which colours and shapes to include in the games, thereby enabling parents to introduce specific shapes and colour as the child progresses with their learning.

Games can be as straightforward as choosing a particular shape when prompted, through to a simple pairs matching game, or a game involving re-assembling a ‘broken’ shape via a jigsaw. At all times the games are fun but also educational, improving concentration and memory, and strengthening learning.

The app includes the following games:

1. IDENTIFY DIFFERENT SHAPES: Help Lucky the Leprechaun identify a requested shape. Teaches shape names and shape recognition.

2. SHAPE JIGSAW. One of the shapes has fallen apart. Help Lucky put the shape back together. Teaches coordination, decision making, problem solving, patience, persistence.

3. MATCHING SHAPES. Turn over the cards and help Lucky find pairs of matching shapes. Improves concentration, memory skills and shape recognition.

4. SMALLEST SHAPE: Help Lucky find the smallest shape. Teaches categorisation, visual perception.

5. LARGEST SHAPE: Help Lucky find the largest shape. Teaches categorisation, visual perception.

6. COUNTING SHAPES. Help Lucky the Leprechaun count all the shapes on screen. Teaches numbers and counting. (Includes numbers up to 10).

7. IDENTIFY DIFFERENT COLOURED SHAPES: Help Lucky the Leprechaun find the shapes of a particular colour. Teaches colours.

8. IDENTIFY WHICH SHAPE IS DIFFERENT. Help Lucky the Leprechaun find the shape that is different from the others. Teaches shape and pattern recognition.

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