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Leps World 2 for Android – Help Lep Get His Gold Back! (Video)

Help Lep in Leps World 2 find his missing gold. Lep the leprechaun jumps, swims, and kills enemies through 52 levels and 5 game areas in this Irish version of Super Mario Bros! This is the second Leps World game and a fine one at that. Leps World 2 features the same big-red-nosed leprechaun (named Lep) who is on a mission to get all his stolen pots of gold back. The gameplay is very similar to the Super Mario Bros classic platform game.

Leps World 2 Android App Review!

However, Lep is quite durable as he makes his way through the 5 different game areas. Lep shoots pinecones at enemies, most are either stunned or killed by this, but some are not.

Leps World 2 Android App Review

1 unique World with 8 Levels

Since Lep is a Leprechaun he is an expert jumper. Double jump is required at times and the power-ups are sparse, but effective, most of the time. The power-ups are kind of hard to make out, except the 4 leaf clover, which is an extra life. The others like speed boost, slow, and others are a bit hard to see, but you will know them when you find one. I didn’t realize I had the slow boost and actually thought the game was lagging, duh! I played the level again and kept my eyes peeled, and sure enough I saw the power-up scooped up by Lep before he went into slow-mo action.

Android App Review for Leps World 2

Challenging boss fights

There are stupid enemies, spiky enemies, turtle enemies and others you will have to learn how to kill as you find your way to the end of the rainbow to get Lep’s pot of gold! Leps World 2 was tested on the Galaxy Nexus and it played perfectly, and since it is free, there really should be no complaining if your lame device does not play this game well!

Leps World 2 is free, has 52 levels of classic style platform gameplay and a big nosed leprechaun. Sounds like all the right ingredients for a good St. Patrick’s Day game to me!

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