Liquid Scale iPhone App, Touch, Don’t Drink To Change Pic’s

The iPhone app Liquid Scale developed by Savoy Software is a cool picture image manipulation app. This app lets you manipulate images through content aware image resizing as well as marking areas to be removed, but preserving them. The main function to this app in “laymen’s” terms is the ability to resize a picture without distorting it. I got this to work rather quickly, but I saw distorting when a picture was reduced or enlarged dramatically.

To use you simply either take a new picture or choose one from your camera library to change. Once you are into the editing process you simply tap on one of the four dots on the square box around your picture. The dots allow you to pull/push out/in either vertically or horizontally to adjust your picture. You can save your pic and move on to another. You can also take part of an image out of a picture (preserving it) to use without that portion of the picture. To pull up the navigation help screen tap the screen one time. To use this “preserving” function use the + and – symbols on the main navigation menu.

Liquid Scale is a decent app that does trick out pictures, but I am not sure there is “no” distortion. There are however, many more features that make this app a worthy iPhone photography app. You may have to play around with this app for a little bit to become acquainted with all the features. This app costs $1.99 and receives 3.5 CrazyMikes Head’s for cool picture reducing iPhone app. CM

Cost: $1.99, Category: Photography, Developer: Savoy Software

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Liquid Scale - Savoy Software

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