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LogMeIn Ignition iPhone App, Truly An IT Mobile Solution

Daily I work on 3 different computers setup like a war room in my home office. My main or preferred tool is my MacBook Pro, but I also use to PC’s (1 giant desktop HP and a Dell laptop). I work in social media, not IT but there are times when I have to access computers while away from my home. What to do? Get the LogMeIn Ignition iPhone app and pluggin for your computers (PC or Mac; desktop or laptop) and let your eyes be opened to all the possibilities. I know I sound like a “fanboy” for LogMein Ignition, but let me tell you what my experience was and how valuable this app can be to anyone who helps others with IT skills.

You first purchase and download the iPhone app (cost $29.99) and then get the LogMeIn Ignition pluggin from the website ( The download can be loaded onto a computer or a USB stick. The cost of the download is FREE and you are able to try this product out for FREE. If you want to continue using LogMeIn Ignition you will have to pay $39.95 a year or $7.95 a month. The initial cost is not bad, but lets check out why you would want this product.

Having never used LogMeIn Ignition I was not sure what this product had to offer that I needed. Once I downloaded the pluggin and iPhone app it became apparent very soon. Immediately after getting the passwords inputed correctly I was controlling my laptop with my iPhone. Simple “pinch” and “push” with my finger’s and I was able to navigate quite efficiently within this app. I went to my email, hit reply to an existing email, attached a file and sent it. The file was gone in a few seconds all this completed from my iPhone. The ramifications are vast when you think about how this can help the anyone on the go without access to their computer(s), but with an iPhone and this app you can be connected.

This app is especially useful for IT professionals who need to gain access to a customer/user PC/Mac when that individual is having trouble with their computer. There are a few things to be weary of as follows. The remote access computer has to be running and connected to the web (not surprising). The remote computer will need to provide the person “remoting” in the credentials for their computer. The cost could be assumed a little high for using the iPhone app, but to be honest this is not overly expensive when you consider the charges that can occur with an in person IT tech.

A couple of points that merit mention. This app is smoking fast and remembers the users credentials for both LogMeIn Ignition and for remote access computers once put into the iPhone app. LogMeIn Ignition is amazing and receives 5 CrazyMikes Head’s for awesome functionality. CM

Cost: $29.99

Category: Productivity

Developer: LogMein Inc

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