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MacPilot, although not brand-new on the Mac Appstore, is one of those few things on your computer that you just don’t know how you lived without. MacPilot does not really add anything to your computer like most apps do, but what it does is show everything you didn’t know you could change on your computer in a preference panel layout — from the smallest insignificant detail of your computer’s GUI, to major changes in the operating system you are given about 350 new settings.

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Really, what MacPilot does is display the settings on your computer that would otherwise only be accessible through terminal commands or deep preference panel searching, and to be honest, how many Mac user really know their way around the terminal? My personal favorite preference change I found in MacPilot was the option to invert GUI colors in iTunes, doing so made my iTunes look like a shiny new version of its old self, but when I went to look for this setting in the normal preference panel, I could not locate any place to make this change. So, basically what you are given with this app is the ability to customize your computer experience just the way you want it, and on top of it all, MacPilot supports all the built in Apple apps plus a select few third-party apps. Overall, this app met and exceeded my expectations so earning itself 5/5 heads and a permanent spot on my dock. I would recommend this app to any Mac user, it’s a vital tool for your Mac and whether you wait for a holiday sale to grab it at a discount, or just buy it at full price, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.Tswmcello

MacPilot Mac App Details

Title: MacPilot
Price: $19.99
Size: 7.1 Mb
Category: Utilities
Developer: Koingo Software Inc.
Store: Mac App Store

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MacPilot - Koingo Software, Inc.

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