Magic Charger by Mobee Technology – Mac Accessory Video Review

If you own an Apple Magic Mouse, you’ve probably figured out by now one of the biggest weaknesses to this otherwise best overall mouse ever the battery. Having used a Magic Mouse for the last 6 months, I’ve burned through dozens of AA batteries, adding to the mountain of used batteries in our dead-battery box (makes one kinda of feel guilty). I never really considered a Mobee Magic Charger as an alternative, I just kept on purchasing bulk batteries from Sam’s Club to ensure I could keep my Magic Mouse addiction going. Finally, I had money to burn after Christmas with a Best Buy gift card, which I used to buy my Mobee Technology Magic Charger, and the experience has been grand.

Magic Charger from Mobee Technology Mac Accessory Review

Title: Magic Charger from Mobee Technology
Price: $49.99
Category: Mac Accessory
Manufacturer: Mobee Technology
Store: Various (Amazon/Mobee Technology website)

Mobee Technology Magic Charger - Inductive Charger for Apple Magic Mouse Mac Accessory Review

Amazon Magic Charger by Mobee Technology

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