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Yes, the North Pole and Santa’s giftshop have not been immune to the nagging occupy movement, which has now made its way north. Fortunately, Santa doesn’t mess around and he has his very own Santa’s Giftship, which apparently is a modified AC-130 gunship. Santa’s giftship, while not a gunship still packs a nice punch using a Peppermint Chain Gun, 130mm Snowball Gun, and a ground-pounding Coal Cannon, all of which “take out” the occupiers nicely.

Santa's Giftship iPad Game App ReviewSanta's Giftship iPad Game App Review

The game objective is to save as many of the green-dressed elves as possible while eliminating as many occupiers as possible. All the occupiers are dressed in red and are intermingled with the green-dressed elves you are trying to save, which makes for a bit of a difficult situation because you can’t “blow away” the green-dressed elves — or Santa will not have anyone to make the gifts. I have found that the Peppermint Chain Gun is the most effective for doing a little snipper action when the green elves are in tight spots with the enemy. However, when your looking to take out a large number of red occupiers, use the Snowball Saw or the Coal Cannon, both are very effective. Santa’s Giftship is a humorous game that puts a little levity into a real-world issue, in a fun Christmas-themed gameboard. Watch our iPad video app reviews for a look at more iPad demos and reviews.
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Santa’s Giftship iPad App Details

Title: Santa’s Giftship
Cost: $0.99
Size: 24.9 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Code-Monkeys
Store: iTunes App Store

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Santa's Giftship - Code-Monkeys

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