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MiniBluebox brings password archiving to its simplest and easiest-to-use level. All you have to do is input an initial master password, then as you go you can put in as many passwords as you want for whatever you want, and then name them appropriately (ie. facebook or twitter). Then, whenever you need them, you only have to remember that one master password. The really cool feature that MiniBluebox has is once you have saved a password, the next time that site requests the password, all you have to do is open MiniBluebox and drag the name of the password onto the password box and it fills in the box with the correct password for you. The other really nice feature is MiniBluebox can actually randomly generate a password for you from nothing, giving you a truly random password every time.

MiniBlueBox Mac App ReviewMiniBlueBox Mac App Review

There really is not much else to MiniBluebox, but because of that it’s incredibly easy to use and does it’s job well. As a person who has many different passwords like myself, I know this app will help me to keep them all straight and not forget them — so I’m going to give MiniBluebox a 4.5/5 heads. I only decided to give it 4.5/5 because although it is nice, simple, and gets the job done, I just feel like a little bit more could be added to improve it in the future, maybe a more desirable looking UI, or even Safari integration. Either way, I would recommend MiniBluebox to anyone in need of keeping all their passwords in one convenient place and all for it’s current low price of $1.99.Tswmcello

MiniBluebox Mac App Details

Title: MiniBluebox
Price: $1.99
Size: 0.6 MB
Category: Productivity
Developer: Ergun Coruh
Store: Mac App Store

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MiniBluebox - Ergun Coruh

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