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NFL App – NFL Quarterback 13 Tests Your Passing Skills

The NFL app NFL Quarterback 13 (by Full Fat) is a sports action game for the iPhone and iPad that is just in time for the Superbowl. The first quarterback NFL app was NFL Flick Quarterback, which came out a little more than a year ago. Full Fat has been working on an increased computer opponent and has done a great job making NFL Quarterback 13 more realistic, but still a fun casual sports game.

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NFL Quarterback 13 has 3 game modes: Play Maker (3 strikes and you’re out), Quick Fire (play as long as you complete passes), and Training Camp (play 1x a day to get skill points). You can see how each of these game modes plays in our app video below. Training Camp can also be played more than 1x a day, but you can only earn 1 skill point for free a day. However, you can buy skill points through in app purchase (IAP). This NFL app also has Facebook integration so you can see who has the NFL Quarterback 13 high score for the Play Maker and Quick Fire game modes — maybe you will become the NFL Quarterback 13 MVP.



Watch the NFL Quarterback 13 iPad app video for a look at how this game plays!


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