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NFL Kicker 13 – Fun Yet Disappointing

NFL Kicker 13 (by Full Fat) is a new flick-kick football game with 3 game modes all 32 NFL teams to play as and plenty of things that cost money to upgrade. NFL Kicker 13 is not the original NFL Kicker iPhone Games app. The original game was released on 01/23/12, and there were individual apps for both the iPhone and iPad. The original NFL Kicker had 5 whopping game modes and did not include a methodical in app currency revenue model. This new version, keeps only 3 of the original 5 game modes and provides a load of stuff to spend your earned coins or purchased coins on. You can now upgrade your stadium, team uniforms, buy cheerleaders, even Nike gloves and cleats for your kicker. Seriously, the game is a really nice kicking game, and one of the new draws to get people to play is Facebook integration, but this was horribly implemented at least from my perspective.

I experienced the same situation with Agent Dash where I logged into Facebook, but never saw anyone else, which included all 3,158 of my current Facebook friends. The reason I was hoping this would work in this game is that there are supposedly weekly tournaments where you can win coins, yet I scored and played, but never saw anyone else in the tournament nor any knowledge of who won. It seems a little shady to me, definitely not apparent who is winning the “so called” tournaments. This game was fun in the original version, but that version has been pulled from iTunes and is no longer available, which means if you spent $0.99 to buy this for your iPhone or $1.99 to buy for your iPad you’re out of luck, unless it was downloaded to your computer. Full Fat has definitely gone corporate and corporate they have gone. Full Fat’s recent apps, Agent Dash and NFL Kicker 13 have extremely strong revenue models with Agent Dash being next to impossible to play without spending cash. NFL Kicker 13 is not nearly as difficult, but becomes boring after a certain amount of gameplay and without the social aspect it is forgettable.

One positive thing about NFL Kicker 13 is that it is iOS Universal, which allows you to play on your iPhone and iPad for one purchase of $0.99. I bought the cheerleaders, tricked out my stadium, which by the way does provide you a certain amount of guaranteed coins after each game, however, to unlock further items for your stadium is extreme. Also, during my gameplay I had several times where the game froze and I had to close it out and reopen it. Lastly, the power-ups are okay, and did help in the “In The Zone” game mode, but that was about it. NFL Kicker 13 is a fun game, yet disappointing. You be the judge and watch our NFL Kicker 13 iPad App Video Demo for a look at how this iPad and iPhone Games application plays.

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