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Obliterate is a new game for the Mac App Store where you are the pilot of a bomber plane and your one and only goal is to destroy the city below you. After playing this game for a couple minutes I noticed it similar in goal to an iPod game called Implode XL (one of my favorite games ever), but the way you go about destroying the city is much different, as you go over the city you drop the bombs in certain spots to make the buildings and skyline go down. Once all the buildings are below the selected line, you win the level. Because you have to do the action of bombing every time, this game seems a lot harder than similar games. But, if you’re a gamer of mid to high range, this game will be great for you. Definite 4/5 star rating because of the sweet colored-pencil graphics and awesome game-play. This app could use some work on how the bombing takes place; with that said this is definitely a Mac app to check out, especially for people who like the get-below-the-line style games like Implode XL for iPod.Tswmcello

mac app reviewmac app review

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Title: Obliteration
Cost: $1.99
Category: Games
Developer: Jonathan Mulcahy
Store: Mac App Store

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Obliteration HD - Jonathan Mulcahy

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