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Offroad Legends-Best Off Road iPad and iPhone Game By Far!

Fasten your seat belt and get ready for some extreme “Off Road Racing” brought to us by Dogbyte Games. This new iPhone and iPad Games app, Offroad Legends, will have you plowing your way through 3 game modes and 56 challenging tracks while driving a variety of rugged vehicles in this Precise Physics Simulation game. I have played many a racing game over the last several years on the iPhone and iPad and not one of them is as realistic as this one is from a physics perspective, not even Real Racing! Don’t get me wrong, Real Racing is a great game, and there are many others, but from a physics-based racing game, specifically in the “off road” racing format, you’ll need some driving skill to complete the races in this game.

I typically play most racing games only using the gas pedal, yes, it does not always work out, but for most games you can get by. The beauty of this game is the use of “Precise Physics Simulation” that you need to navigate your vehicles through the treacherous courses paying attention to inclines, landings, and weight of the vehicles that you are driving. While the game is not exact, it is still a video game, it is much more difficult than I anticipated. The Warm Up events let you get broken into the tracks (56), as well as the vehicles, which while only 4 classes of vehicles, there are at least 11 different to choose from (off road, trucks, 4×4, and funny car). This game came out on June 27, 2012, but slipped by my radar, and was not overly picked up by the big blogs either — but should have been. The game graphics are stunningly crisp in true Retina Display fashion, the sounds are great, and the gameplay is spot-on for the racing genre this app racing game emulates.

I had a blast while playing this game and creating the Offroad Legends iPad video app review. An added benefit is that this game only sells for $0.99, which is ridiculous. However, there is an in app purchase to unlock all vehicles for another $0.99, but there are no other in app purchases, and you get a load of very challenging off road racing gameplay. This app could easily be selling from $1.99 to $4.99, and I would still buy it — well, I did because I bought the $0.99 in app purchase, but it was well worth it. A unique feature any “motorhead” will like is the ability to “Tune” any of the vehicles by raising or lower the tires, as well as changing some other settings; you can then test your “Tune” to see how the vehicle rides. Offroad Legends also comes as a FREE app called Offroad Legends Warmup ,if you want to test drive the app before you buy it.

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