Osmos – Survival of The Biggest Mac App Review

Osmos is a beautifully elegant and simple game based around Darwinian natural selection in a survival of the fittest (in this case biggest) environment. There is only one purpose in this game, to eat other nodes and be the biggest, baddest, node on the current level. But, there is a delicate balance to be made, in order to eat other nodes, you must eject some of your mass to propel yourself toward them. This means that you must know when to use, and save, your energy. If you become too small, or are completely engulfed by a larger node, you are given the option to start the level over or randomly generate a new one. With this realistic game of give and take, you find yourself completely immersed in the world of Osmos. I give this an easy 5/5 stars, for its top-quality graphics, unique gameplay, realistic –ness, and overall feel as a game. I would recommend this to any gamer of any level, the only requirement I can see is having patience.Tswmcello

mac app reviewmac app review

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Title: Osmos
Cost: $4.99
Category: Games
Developer: Hemisphere Games Inc.
Store: Mac App Store

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Osmos - Hemisphere Games

mac app review

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