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Overkill 2, Fantastic Arcade FPS Strategy Game! (Video)

Overkill 2 gives you 30 weapons, upgrades, and gear to help you shoot your way through intense level and survival gameplay.

Watch the Overkill 2 app video below


The original Overkill got an overhaul and is almost unrecognizable in Overkill 2. This stationary First Person Shooter game for the iPhone, iPad, and coming for the Android, is excellent. The game control is a floating gun, using either a gunsight or a cross hair for aiming before shooting enemies. I spent several hours playing this game and found it fairly challenging. Yes, it is repetitive, but there is a good balance of difficulty, rewards, and guns that kept me interested. There are also upgrades for weapons that will give you a little extra punch, because you’re going to need it.

Currently, there are 3 game areas you must work to unlock. The first wave or level area is already unlocked, but the survival mode must be earned. Survival mode in this game is rather sick. Very easy to start, but after a bit you will be overwhelmed with enemies of all types. This game has a wide variety of enemies. There are basic enemies, flying enemies and some tough enemies that take quite a few correctly placed head shots to get rid of.



This game is free and you can battle your way through on the cheap. I spent a few bucks to try out a variety of guns, Scorpion and MP5, and was satisfied. Overkill 2 sucked me in and had me playing consistently for several days. Overkill 2 also matures with better graphics, no timers over enemy heads (to note when they will shoot you), and much broader depth.



Craneballs Studios has done a great job of providing a fantastic arcade shooter experience with Overkill 2.


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