Can You Park? Find Out in This Fun, Free 3D Parking Game For Android!

Find out if you have what it takes to park like a pro in the new parking game for Android, Kings of Parking 3D. This free Android Games app features 40 challenging levels of gameplay, 4 different vehicles (School Bus, Coup, Limousine and Android Truck). And, you can play this game completely for free starting out with the School Bus. Each vehicle has 10 unique levels and include checkpoints as well as parking objectives that continuously get harder. Kings of Parking 3D is a well done parking game for Android with easy-to-get-into casual puzzle app gameplay. But, you will have to learn to park to beat all this game’s levels.

Kings of Parking 3D Android Parking Game News

Game controls for each vehicle include, of course, a steering wheel, accelerator, reverse, and brake. The game physics are pretty realistic, so if you are driving the School Bus or Limousine you better give yourself a little extra room when turning. And the developer, Tiltgames, has added some tough checkpoints requiring 360 degree turns to correctly find each level’s correct parking spot. Accuracy when parking is also very important. Although you flew through the level, if you can’t park exactly as the white shadow shows you to, then you lose precious time and risk failing a level.

Fun Parking Simulation Game For Android

But if you are patient and learn the controls, as well as how to manage the accelerator and the reverse and brake, you may get all 3 stars on each level. However, this is unlikely since you are timed and each vehicle’s later levels are really tough. A bonus if you can rack up a high score is the opportunity to show off in the HeyZap Global leaderboards. Kings of Parking 3D also features excellent 3D graphics, accurate sounds for the gameplay and the opportunity to remove ads through in app purchase.

So, still think your “parking skills” are all that? Only one way to find out. Download this parking game for Android and give it a try. You have nothing to lose because Kings of Parking 3D is free (see download link below).

Kings Of Parking 3D Parking Game For Android

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