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PITFALL – Classic Arcade Game for iPhone, iPad, Android

PITFALL! (by Activision) brings back the classic 1982 8 bit game in a completely re-imagined design for the iOS generation, delivering an awesome remake with Temple Run inspiration and additional aspects that make this game unique and fantastic. As a kid I played Pitfall back in the early 80’s, and back then this game was a huge deal. As one of the very first platform games, and video games for that matter, it is awesome how Activision has remade this classic for today’s technology without forgetting its roots. When I saw this title in iTunes, I expected the 8 bit port into an iPhone and iPad game, and to my surprise I did get an 8 bit introduction, which was very well done and leads perfectly into the new version of this game.

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The game is completely inspired by Temple Run, but to me the whip adds an Indiana Jones quality that makes this game unique and not just another Temple Run clone. The game features several gaming views as Pitfall Harry tries to navigate his way to safety after aggravating the volcano. You will run, jump, slide, whip snakes to death, dodge, swerve and swing through the air on vines as you try to stay alive as long as you can in this endless runner game. There is no mistake that this game has been created due to the “red hot” endless runner game genre that Temple Run has inspired, but in this game’s case they have done a great job of capitalizing on a classic retro game with the newer and fresher version with a character that lives again in video game history for another generation to play. The game sells for only $0.99, which is a good value. There are loads of upgrades, outfits, and other stuff you can purchase if you want, but I did not spend any money and had a great time playing on my iPad. You will earn artifacts, which are 1 form of in app currency that helps you purchase and upgrade items, but diamonds the other in app currency can be purchased to do the same — but typically in a shorter period of time. A nice feature in this game is the macaw drop, where after reaching a certain checkpoint you can buy a Macaw Token to get dropped off at this point as you start the game, somewhere after 2000 meters or so.


PITFALL! for the iPhone and iPad is a fantastic endless runner game that actually takes Temple Run gameplay to the next level. While not having played through the whole game yet, I have something to look forward to now when I have some spare time. I want to find out a few things, like how many different environments there are, are there other enemies to use the whip on, and is there an ending to this endless runner game? For now I will have to wait and work my way through this game, which is definitely a recommended purchase by CrazyMikesapps. Be sure to watch the PITFALL!™ iPad App Video Review for a look at this awesome re-imagined classic game.

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