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Playballs – Mastermind-Like iPad n iPhone Puzzle Game!

Playballs (by iDevMobile) is a simple but challenging iPhone and iPad timed puzzle game that taunts you with 1 easy objective: turn all the game pieces one color. This sounds simple in theory, but hard to actually do. If you remember the board game Mastermind, you may see a bit of a similarity in this colored puzzle piece game. Maybe it’s the game pieces, or maybe it is the logic that you need to beat this game? If you’re not familiar with Mastermind, it is the color game piece guessing game where your opponent creates a 5 piece color combination of pieces and you get so many tries to guess the colors with clues provided along the way. While this game is not the same in gameplay, the color game pieces look very similar and the unique logic used to solve each puzzle is not luck. The objective of this game is to turn all of the circular puzzle pieces the same color in a certain amount of time, which presents the challenge.

The trick is that each differently colored (circular) puzzle piece has lines running through it in a perpendicular manner. You move your puzzle game pieces by tapping on them to turn them 1 turn to the right. If the lines of your turned game piece line up with another circle’s lines, it changes that circle’s color and propagates it, or turns it. Typically, this sets off a chain reaction creating combos to earn points and hopefully turns most of the game pieces the same color. You are timed in this game and the fewer turns you use to complete a puzzle, the higher your score will be. There are no difficulty levels, just one puzzle and you against your time, and friend’s times, which you can see in Apple Game Center.

I found this game to be a bit addictive. Initially, I would tap and hope for the best, but you will quickly find this is a failed approach to this game, and will probably make your more frustrated in the end. The real logic brain challenge is to figure out what will occur by turning 1 game piece as opposed to another. Another key factor to your strategy is to try to settle on a color early, typically after your first move, at least that is what worked best for me. Playballs while a simple puzzle game in theory is difficult to consistently score a high score while playing. I look forward to more game boards and/or difficulty levels to come from the developer creating more game content and challenges in this iPhone and iPad puzzle game. Be sure to watch the Playballs iPad video app demo for a complete look at this iPhone and iPad Games application.

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Playballs - iDevMobile Tec.

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