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Point Four – 100 Levels, Original Block Puzzle Intrigue

Point Four (by Kauzora) is an original puzzle game with 100 levels of challenging gameplay to keep the novice puzzler and the master puzzler both busy and happy, due to the range of difficulty and level content. If you like challenging puzzles, then you’ll dig this game, which is played on what appears to be a common checkerboard or chessboard. However, Point Four is neither one of those games. The puzzle piece movement is a little tricky at first, but once you get into it you’ll quickly understand that the game objective. The objective in Point Four is to get the 4 point blocks into the white cross center block, wherever it may appear on the game board. There are a few twists that make this game a bit harder requiring more strategic thinking, such as fact that your point block cannot move into any flat surface or other block (the point part that is). This severely limits your point block movements, and all blocks move until something stops them, which makes getting the point blocks into the central cross block a real perplexing situation. There are helper blocks (that have no points) and stationary blocks that will assist you in your attempt to solve each puzzle. One nice feature is that there are multiple solutions to each puzzle, providing for significant replay value.

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Point Four can also be played in two ways, either in a timed game mode or the option to play without a timer, which allows you to enjoy the puzzles at your own pace, with no pressure — other than the pressure you put on yourself trying to complete each puzzle. Point Four is a very well-made, original and challenging puzzle game that has something for novice, master, and others in between — and it may stump even the most ardent puzzler. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

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