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Pottery Game, Let’s Create Pottery Turns Fantasy Into Reality!

There’s an intriguing iOS pottery game that offers more than just a fantasy simulation gameplay. Let’s create! Pottery HD (by Infinite Dreams, Inc.) is an iOS Universal Entertainment app that turns the pottery creation process into an interesting game of quests, among other things.



With every completed pottery quest you’ll earn stars and virtual coins to buy art supplies. And the accumulation of more paint colors, textures, ornaments and decorative patterns allows you to turn your creativity loose and design your own one-of-a-kind pottery art. These virtual masterpieces can be collected, auctioned off, submitted into community competitions, and turned into real 3D models that you can purchase with real world cash.

This unique pottery game features stunning 3D graphics and animations, and authentic nature sounds to mellow you out as you get to work creating with your hands in the great outdoors. Spin and shape wet clay on a potter’s wheel to form various ceramic objects that you will then fire, paint and decorate. I suggest you read and watch the tutorial to help you get a better understanding of the overall pottery game concept, because it may not be clear right away. You’ll be thrown right into the action of this pottery game by learning how to manipulate the clay, which revolves nonstop on top of the potter’s wheel. The virtual clay-shaping techniques are far more simple than the real pottery throwing process, but fun nonetheless. But even this virtual molding process requires some patience to exact. Move your fingers up and down and in and out to change the shape your clay.

Very Realistic Pottery Game


It won’t be long before you get the hang of the clay shaping process. Shortly after completing your first pottery project, you’ll start receiving fictitious pottery quest orders to complete (in your “in box”) from dear Aunt Chloe and others. Along with each request you get a very brief history lesson, instructions and a photograph of the pottery image you’re expected to duplicate. You’ll receive requests for things like a Byzantine beaker, Celtic vase, Ancient Roman pottery and others as you play to complete the 11 required quests.

Your goal is to replicate as closely as possible the given photo to earn a certain number of stars to complete your quest. It’s a bit of a challenge to duplicate the shape, paint color, and pattern of your kitsch item just like the given picture. But challenge is good. You can try to earn all 10 stars for each quest, but 7 stars is good enough, and for time’s sake that had to be good enough for me. And one word of warning: when completing customer orders (to earn coins), if you try sending an order request back with less than 7 stars, it will be rejected. And you’ll have to start all over again.

Let’s create! Pottery HD Amazingly Real Pottery Creation Simulation App


However, I was able to sell the less than desirable piece at auction to earn coins and then started the same customer order quest over again. Earning virtual coins (points) allows you to purchase more supplies like material textures, ornaments (lids and handles), colors and 12 categories of decorative brush designs (stencil/stamps) which include: Basic, Egyptian, Kids, Chinese, Celtic, Aztec, etc. Supplies vary in price with Colours and Basic brush design art requiring the least amount of coins. One thing to note in this pottery game is that you’ll alternate between completing order quests and creating your own pottery designs.

iOS Universal (Works on iPhone and iPad)


Either way, you’ll earn coins. And eventually you’ll earn enough coins to have an abundant art supply on hand. Once you complete the 11 inĀ­game quests orders, you have the option to purchase new premium content with real money (through in app purchase). There are a bunch of new brush themes, quests, and photo themes that you may want to purchase for added diversity ($0.99 – $1.99).

This Pottery Game Lets You Bring Creations To Life


One cool thing about this pottery simulation game is the option to login (Facebook Connect) and submit your masterpiece through the “portal” to become a part of the Let’s create! pottery community. It is here that you can compete against fellow artists by posting your pottery art and rating the work of others as you all compete to earn highest rank among your peers. Let’s create! Pottery HD not only delivers a totally unique app playing experience, but the developer takes it a step further by allowing you to turn your virtual masterpiece into a real life version that you can order, give as a gift or proudly display in your own home.

To do this, Let’s create! Pottery HD works in cooperation with a 3D printing website (Sculpteo, an independent third party). This company can create a duplicate version of your one-of-a-kind pottery masterpiece for sale. There are 3 size options available and prices do vary. So whether you just want to relax and enjoy a unique playing experience, a chance to compete against others, or the option to turn your fantasy art into a reality, this pottery game is well worth a download.

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    It’s a great app with a totally unique concept. I Had a great time creating pottery in this simulation game.