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QUIKFingers – How Fast Are You Against Blades of Steel?

Think you got nerves of Steel? Well, QUIKFingers (a new iPhone and iPad game) requires nerves of steel to avoid the maniacal, finger-slicing steel blade that plays mind games with you throughout the 6 levels of torturous gameplay. No, not another finger-cutting iPhone game. Yes — but this game is a bit different. Instead of the same old remove your finger before the blade cuts it, while an admirable test of one’s eye-hand coordination, this game actually goes a bit deeper. The object of this finger cutting game is to keep your finger in the round button area (at the bottom of the screen) until the very last possible moment before the guillotine-type falling blade named “CleanCut”does just that — cut your finger causing you to lose a life (and a bit of blood), as well as points.

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The entire time that your finger is in the circle, you are racking up points and your finger is actually identified when in the circle by the exact location with what looks like thermal heat detection (pretty cool). The blade’s behavior is rather unpredictable (to say the least) in level 1 and in level 2 it gets all crazy and jumpy — where it stops and then goes with sudden surges of speed, which mess with your mind, and at times will cause you to pull your finger away too early — called “Too Early” — and this mistake costs you a point loss. There are 6 levels and I could not make it out of level 2, even entering this level with 5 lives (max). Each level has a mesmerizing (moving) background to further distract and mess with your mind while you try to pay attention to the blade’s location to prevent getting cut.

This game was rather addictive, which is such a cliche for iOS games, but really, I have played a lot and this one taunted me in some sick fashion that made me want to continue over and over again while trying to get out of level 2. There are no coins to buy or other in app purchases, just simple gameplay — and you can view your score in Apple Game Center. There are new features like more blades and game modes coming (and probably more twisted slicing fun) — so stay tuned. Be sure to watch the QUIKFingers iPhone App Video Demo for a complete look at this iPhone and iPad Games application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

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