Reckless Racing for Mac – Down and Dirty Racing For Everyone

Reckless Racing, the top-down racing game that has been played so widely on iOS devices has been brought to the Mac OS, so you can enjoy the old-fashioned, dirt-track-racing on your personal computer. Reckless Racing is all about jumping into the game and having fun. The game is set up in a way that allows you to immediately start it up and play until you just can’t any more. First off, the in-game graphics of this game are superb — nice and crisp. Although the menus look a little fuzzy at startup, that’s probably just a product of porting the game from the iPad version and has no real affect on the gameplay value. As a game, Reckless Racing is tons of fun and is easy to play. You are given a choice of a few redneck characters with different cars that are all about the same, and then a choice of track to play on. Once you’ve made your selections and started your race, you’ll be all caught up in perfecting those corner drifts and memorizing tracks so you can smoke the competition.

Reckless Racing Mac game app reviewReckless Racing Mac game app review

This game is controlled completely through the directional keys on the bottom right of your keyboard, making the game easy to play even for a beginner. In addition to the single player mode, where you play against the computer, Reckless Racing also has an online multiplayer where you can play with anyone on all of your favorite tracks, and enjoy the live competition and chatbox. Reckless Racing is full of fun, easy to play, and has a great replay value making it a great addition to any Mac. I’d recommend this app to anyone I know because of how simple it is to play and how much fun I have while doing so. That being said, Reckless Racing scores an easy 4.5/5, only missing a perfect 5 because it has not really been mastered for Mac yet, but is simply an iPad port. Once some of port issues have been cleaned up like digital keyboards popping up for fill-in boxes, and fuzzy menus, Reckless Racing will be an easy 5/5.

Reckless Racing Mac App Details

Title: Reckless Racing
Price: $3.99
Size: 195 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Polarbit AB
Store: Mac App Store

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Reckless Racing - Polarbit

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