Run Your iOS Device using the myPhoneDesktop App

Using your laptop/desktop to remotely use your iPhone or iPad to make phone calls, send SMS messages, open URL’s, and more is doable with the highly productive myPhoneDesktop iPhone/iPad app (universal). This app uses a free web client that can be used from any computer or downloaded to your Mac, Windows, or Linux machine. Once the client is downloaded to your machine you can use this app from your laptop/desktop to control your iPhone/iPad. I tested this out with the primary function of calling someone from my MacBook Pro. I dialed my selected number from my contacts (after sucking in my address book contacts from my MacBook Pro) and my iPhone received a push message indicating there has been a call initiated from my MacBook Pro. My iPhone then went into call mode, without me touching anything calling the number I had selected from the MacBook Pro using the myPhoneDesktop client. The call connected without me ever touching my iPhone, pretty sweet for sure. This same process works for opening URL’s, sending text copy, sending SMS, opening images and more. myPhoneDesktop is a great productivity app for anyone using a computer who has an iPhone or iPad. Watch the iPhone app video for a demonstration of this application. CM

About Michael Vallez

Michael Vallez - (CrazyMike) is the Founder of Mike is a regular guy who has a tech side, specifically a love for mobile apps and touch gaming. He is a retired cop, husband, father, and son. Current Devices: Galaxy Note 3, iPad Air, Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HDX. Twitter - @MichaelVallez.