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Running Dead-Top Endless Zombie Runner…Nice!

Running Dead is a top down (iPhone) endless runner game that has you running for your life through obstacle-ridden neighborhoods while shooting approaching zombies in front of you, as well as trying to out run those chasing you from behind — for obvious reasons. If you’re looking for just another typical endless runner game, then look elsewhere because this is a more sophisticated game for this genre.

Not trying to sound all pompous, just saying that this game features a unique view for an endless runner game — a top down look. The scene is set with a great intro cut scene that leads you into a chaotic zombie-filled neighborhood (near you) as you dodge cars and run through destroyed houses eliminating pesky zombies in front of you and fear the zombies on your tail. You are armed with a pistol, but can upgrade as you go along, and there are extras like the “Savior Shot,” as well as mines that will help you stay alive a bit longer. Ammo is handed out in crates that you must run through, as are the special items already mentioned. Some of the crates look impossible to get because this is a forced runner — meaning you do not stop going forward, unless you run up against an object. Even when you do stop (when hitting an object), you will typically move along the side to an open path, but this is sure death if you get hung up too long since there are always zombies on your behind pursuing you in order to eat your brains.

The game has very nice graphics and a bit of a retro gaming feel, as the shooting damage is not filled with blood splatter or body parts coming off the zombies — darn. The game has 2 distinct control setups: 1) tilt or 2) touch screen. I played both and I think I like the touch screen controls best, but the shooting is awkward because it has to be in the middle of the screen or above, but the touch screen controls are more intuitive. Running Dead is not just another endless “run-of-the-mill” runner; and I look forward to seeing improvements like more weapons, game maps, etc in the future. Be sure to watch the Running Dead iPhone App Video Review for a look at how this game plays. Check out all our iPhone app reviews. Crazy Mike

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