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Shellrazer – Saddle Up Your Turtle For Destructive Fun!

Shellrazer (by Slick Entertainment) is a fun side-scrolling iPad and iPhone game that lets you load up your big bad turtle with a variety of battling champions (12) as you wreck your way through the Goblin Kingdom destroying everything in your path. I think Slick Entertainment has done a great job of exploiting the iTunes App Store by showing how a unique and fresh game idea, along with a reasonable cost to the consumer, can chart and do well in an extremely competitive iTunes App Store. This is a great game that is packed with value to the consumer highlighting funky and fun gameplay that features a big turtle packed with weapons and other items on its back as it makes its annual wrecking trek across the nasty Goblin Kingdom.

Along the way there are plenty of weird food items you are rewarded with, that provide a variety of whacky defenses and upgrades to help your battling efforts. You travel from left to right at a steady speed, unless you want to move faster, which can be done by swiping from the front of your turtle to the right, but I suggest caution when doing this. The controls, while not hard, are challenging and unique providing for part of the difficulty factor in this game. You have tier/slots on top of your larger turtle to house, in my case 3 “Battle Champions,” all who have a different weapon or skill, like cannon, shotgun, and a blacksmith to repair your damaged weapons. You control the weapons by holding on them to aim up and down (more or less distance), and with another finger (on the right side of the screen) you target the enemy you want to hit — so, there is a 2 part aiming system that takes a bit to get used to. The real control challenge comes when you have to decide between weapons, realizing each has its own reload time, but the approaching enemies could care less, so be cautious not to tap errantly like I did — losing track of what I was doing and taking lots of damage until I got my head straight.

I played through numerous levels and never got bored, unlike some games of similar genre that are trying to suck money out of your pocket through in app purchase — you won’t find that in this iOS Universal game. You are rewarded with food items after each level (win or lose) that accentuate your gameplay and provide interest. Each “Battle Champion” can be upgraded and there are also ammunition and other upgrades you can strive to achieve. The real value is in the game price. This app is iOS Universal, working on both the iPad and iPhone, and has iCloud Sync to keep your progress on all of your devices. Shellrazer is a fun game and easy purchase based on the suggested 50 hours of gameplay, and for the price, it is hard to beat. Be sure to watch the Shellrazer iPad video app review for a complete look at how this iPad and iPhone game plays.

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Shellrazer - Slick Entertainment Inc.

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