Sneak Fuzzy Teddy Bears Across the Border-Snuggle Truck HD iPad App

Snuggle Truck HD by Owlchemy Labs was originally called Smuggle Truck HD and had a different yet similar game objective as Snuggle Truck HD. The original Owlchemy Labs game objective was to sneak illegal aliens across the border. Apple would not approve the original title, Smuggle Truck HD, apparently due to insensitivity or potential racist views by targeting Mexican nationals as the targets of the game play. Personally, the truth is the truth and Apple can bury their head in the sand with this issue, while they promote other hot button issues they believe in. All that aside, Snuggle Truck HD is a fine, entertaining, yet challenging iPad game. The user is challenged to race a pickup truck full of fuzzy wuzzy bears to the finish line, while losing as few of the bears as possible. Sounds easy, but there are plenty of pitfalls, cliffs, and screwed up roads to keep you on your toes. Watch the iPad app video for a demonstration of this application. CM

Snuggle Truck HD iPad App Details

Title: Snuggle Truck HD
Cost: $2.99
Category: Games
Developer: Owlchemy Labs
Store: iTunes App Store

Snuggle Truck HD App Downloads

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*Disclosure*The developer may have provided a promo code (paid voucher) for review of this iPad application.

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