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Snoopy Coaster – Fast Paced, Peanuts-Themed Madcoaster Game!

Snoopy Coaster is a fun Madcoaster inspired game featuring Charlie Brown and his gang, Peanuts-themed scenery, plenty of roller coaster tap-to-jump gameplay, collectibles, and more.Snoopy Coaster is easy to play, simply tap the screen to jump the rails at the right time, but be sure you land on another track.

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Timing is everything in this fast paced game where you’re also collecting items and coins to complete objectives. This game is designed by Chillingo, developers of Madcoaster. Snoopy Coaster is essentially identical to Madcoaster, but better because of Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang.



Snoopy, Chuck, Linus, Lucy, and Peppermint Patty are your riders in this game as you glide your way through Peanuts-themed game areas. There are power-ups, one time use utilities and collectibles to find along the rails. There are also weekly tournaments where you can win some Snoopy Coins to buy new coasters or power-ups.



Snoopy Coaster is a great family game, but parents will want to keep an eye on the in app purchases as they are a bit costly with this iPad game.


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