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Sonic Goes Vertical in Sonic Jumps for iOS

Sonic goes vertical in the new iPad and iPhone game Sonic Jump (by SEGA). This awesome jumper game features the Sonic character jumping through 2 game modes (Story and Arcade), Boss Battles, power-ups — and more. Our fast and furry friend Sonic has been making people happy, except for Dr. Eggman (who is angry) since 1991. 2+ decades later, Sonic is more popular than ever with his appearance on the latest mobile platform in this new game. Sonic Jumper is a new game (not a port) and takes advantage of the accelerometer and touch controls provided by the iOS platform. I personally dig Sonic and remember playing the original game on my SEGA Genesis console system — you know, I wonder whatever happened to that?

In short, Sonic Jump is a blast. This game is a classic jumper game featuring Story and Arcade game modes. Story mode takes you through (currently) 36 levels (more to come with free updates) in 3 worlds (Green Hill Zone, Mountain Zone, and Jungle Zone) each with 11 regular levels and a 12th level that is a boss battle. I played through the Green Hill Zone and took on Dr. Eggman, defeating him to unlock the Mountain Zone. The ever hyper Sonic auto jumps his way through both Story and Arcade modes, to jump higher tap while he is in the middle of a jump. Sonic can only kill enemies when somersaulting in the air, not while vertical and looking up. There are all sorts of obstacles like spikes, flipping platforms, Badniks, fans and other items that try to make Sonics’ climb to the top harder.


The Arcade mode is endless gameplay and is available in all 3 current environments. You can also play as Tails and Knuckles after reaching certain levels of gameplay, and there are power-ups like bombs, magnets, bounce back, shields and more that can be purchased to give Sonic an edge up. I played for a good hour and never spent any money through in app purchase. Power-ups are available during gameplay by hitting the TV’s as you ascend and the rings you earn during gameplay are the in app currency. It looks like there is a slot for Sonic Jump wallpapers to be included in a future update, so if you like that sort of thing keep your eye out for those.

Sonic Jump is by far the best jumper game for the iPhone and iPad and by the looks of it they will be adding gameplay to this to continue the Sonic Jumper story. This is cool because they have all sorts of themes from previous Sonic titles to pull ideas from while mixing them with this new Sonic title. Checkout our Sonic Jump App Video Review for a look at how this iPad and iPhone game plays.

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