Sparrow Mac App- A Fresh Look For Email

Sparrow is a high quality, incredibly refined, yet simple and elegant email management software. Being an avid user of Microsoft Entourage and Mac Mail since I started with email, I was skeptic on what more could be done to make my email experience any better than it already was. Turns out the key was giving me the same power I get from those two softwares and combining it with a unique simplicity that makes Sparrow different in a better way. When you first launch the Application for the first time you are put through the “add email” process immediately and once you input some basic information, based on which email provider you use, the email account will either be automatically setup, or you will be prompted with some simple POP/SMTP server blanks to fill in. Once you have added all of your desired email addresses you will see a window containing three boxes, one for email account menus, one for emails, and one for viewing the emails, all conveniently set up right next to each other so you can easily read/respond to your new emails and then switch your account inbox to see what emails you got on your other email account. With this next level of simplicity, Sparrow has taken email, an aging form of communication, and turned it into more of a conversation than a string of emails, and by doing so has taken email to the next level. I would recommend this application to anyone who is looking for an easy to use, high quality email manager, or for anyone looking for a change in the way they send and receive emails. This Application has earned a 5/5 head rating for superior performance, seamless UI, and quick response as a simple function email management system.

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Sparrow Mac App Details

Title: Sparrow
Cost: $9.99
Category: Productivity
Developer: Sparrow SARL
Store: Mac App Store

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