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Spirit Catcher – Slice,Dice and Trap Evil – iPhone Game

Spirit Catcher is a new iPhone and iPad physics puzzler game featuring 90 tricky levels across 3 game packs and includes a line drawing feature that adds a dimensional twist (in more ways than one). In Spirit Catcher, you will enter the world of Azlanthia as their Avatar and try to complete the 90 rather challenging levels of physics puzzle gameplay featuring chains to slice, glass to break and correct timing to figure out in order to solve each puzzle. An added twist to the game controls is the line drawing feature that is offered after you kill a demon. You have a certain amount of line you can draw to guide the demon’s spirit through “wisps” (colored orbs) to gain extra points. Overall, you’re trying to draw the demons to the swirling spirit catcher vortex, but this is not a deal breaker.

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If you do not draw a spirit into the spirit catcher you will just miss receiving extra points, however, level completion hinges on you taking out all the evil spirits. There is an upgradable aspect to the game as well for users to increase the avatar’s power, speed and time of your line drawing abilities with Spirit Points. Spirit Points are earned through level gameplay and there is an extra item — a Spirit Bomb — that can also be purchased, which is more or less a nuclear option to kill all demons when your stuck on a level — very efficient. The line drawing is tricky due to the limited time you have to draw lines and the demons spirits split the scene quickly once vanquished. For additional help there is an Unlimited Time Freeze that you can purchase for $0.99 that lets you freeze the screen to draw the demons to the spirit catcher.

Spirit Catcher is a very good physics puzzler game with demons that (at times) look a little like the Angry Birds pigs. The puzzles are challenging after several levels and get progressively harder — especially the demon line drawing feature. The real level points come from guiding the demons through the colored orbs “wisps” but you only have a little bit of time unless you opt for the Unlimited Freeze like I did. While it makes this task less challenging by giving you time to draw your line, it does not extend the amount of line you can draw — so draw wisely. There was some nice attention to details in the level planning, and it shows as you play through considerably more complex levels the farther you get in the game, so always keep a Spirit Bomb in your back pocket. Spirit Catcher is a fun, worthy physics iPhone and iPad puzzle game — and with the added line drawing dimension it allows you to dimensionally remove the evil demons from Azlanthia — a nice dimensional twist.


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