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Stand O’ Food 3 is a great restaurant management game that combines the use of a limited time and pure logic to challenge the player, but also let you have some fun. The game starts out with a very easy, and incredibly informative tutorial that thoroughly goes through each step of running your brand new sandwich shop so that when you get to the real levels you can feel like a pro, at least for awhile. The first few levels go very easily, the buns and toppings work out well and are ordered in a way that makes your job easy. But, when you start progressing the buns and toppings get more and more mixed up and you have to think harder and move faster than ever to keep up. This game can get very fast paced when you really get it going and also become very stimulating to your brain. After a few levels of this game you are also presented with a few options to add sauces and machines to your shop, bringing you more money during the day, but costing you a pretty penny up front. With all of these factors put together you really feel like your trying to run this hectic sandwich shop, so I have given this app a 5/5 head rating for its great action and mental stimulation. I would recommend this app to anyone just looking for a game to test their brain and have fun! Tswmcello

Stand O’Food 3 App Details

Title: Stand O’Food 3
Cost: $6.99
Category: Games
Developer: G5 Entertainment AB
Store: Mac App Store

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Stand O'Food® 3 - G5 Entertainment

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