Starfall Mac App – Tower Defense in The Space Age

The Starfall Mac app is a tower defense game that utilizes stunning graphics, incredible UI, and such a large array of weapons, you won’t know what to choose. As you start the game it takes you step by step through everything you will need to know. Then, after finishing the tutorial level you will be able to go into true campaign, your armory, or your research facilities, as well as a couple other options like mini games, the almanac or unlocks. From here if you decide to do the campaign, you will be faced with a several waves of spaceships to complete a level.

Starfall Mac App ReviewStarfall Mac App Review

The game continues like so until you have enough credits to unlock new weapons that can destroy the ever multiplying forces of the enemy. When a power supply is built with an array of weapons around it, you can then begin to upgrade your weapons individually in order to increase attack power, range, and splash radius. With this classic and understandable method of tower defense, you can use the same strategies for this game as you have with other TD games in the past. Because this game is visually appealing, easy to learn, and fun to spend hours playing, I recommend this app to all game seekers in the Mac App Store. With this recommendation I also affix a 5/5 rating to the app for it’s superb representation of what TD is really about. Tswmcello

Starfall Mac App Details

Title: Starfall
Cost: $4.99
Category: Games
Developer: Digital Concepts
Store: Mac App Store

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Starfall - Digital Concepts

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