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Stolen Beauty HD: fashion mystery-Look, Find, Solve!

Stolen Beauty HD: fashion mystery, by Nevosoft, the makers of quality interactive hidden object games, brings a fashion-based plot with bizarre beauty crimes to solve throughout the 27 challenging levels of gameplay. If you’re looking for just another “look n find” game — this is not it — because this game is much, much more. Stolen Beauty HD: fashion mystery provides an immersive plot featuring Eva Sanders, a reporter from a beauty magazine, who stumbles upon numerous fashion incidents, or beauty attacks on women in the beauty industry. Your mission is to help Eva find items in order to get folks to talk to her, to provide her the next clue throughout the 27 large levels of gameplay.

There is classic look and find action, but you will also have to find items that are necessary to repair items like a microphone, a shoe, and even get the ingredients required for a cocktail to relax a guy so you can get some much needed information that will keep you hot on the case, and following each next clue. The interface is well done and simplistic, without anything to get you lost or confuse you while playing in any of the game modes. Eva keeps a Dossier that has pictures of all the people she comes into contact with, as well as evidence she collects along her journey, which takes here to Dubai, London, Tokyo, and a host of other cosmopolitan locations. Eva is in a search to figure out the mystery of who is targeting all the beauty queens in this game.

I found the game to be a quality game, intriguing, and at times rather difficult, especially if you do not take a step back to read all the information provided, including the tips that items may not be where you are looking, but to look someplace else. The cast of characters sets the plot up like a “who done it” with a wide variety of motives, backgrounds, and capabilities to pull this off. While the main portion of this game is a “Look n Find,” you will have to use your noodle to figure out problems and come up with solutions based on the areas in each level you have access to. This game has a Free iPad version called, Stolen Beauty HD lite: fashion mystery that you can download and check out for free. There is also and iPhone app Stolen Beauty: fashion mystery, as well as a free iPhone app called Stolen Beauty lite: fashion mystery for those of you without an iPad. Be sure to check out the Stolen Beauty HD: fashion mystery iPad App Video Demo for this iPad Games application for a complete look at this app. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

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