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StupidZombies 2 – 300 New Puzzling Levels

Have you ever seen any smart zombies? Probably not and don’t look for any in GameResort’s new iPhone and iPad game — Stupid Zombies 2. Get ready to lock and load as you prepare to take on 300 new levels of bank-shot zombie killing fun, featuring 3 huge game packs and a choice of dude or chick shooter. This original Stupid Zombies iPhone and iPad app now features a whopping 740 levels of man with shotgun vs. stupid zombie gameplay. StupidZombie 2 features much better graphics, new weapons, and the option to play as a dude or a chick (a.k.a ladies). The first edition of this game comes with a healthy serving of 300 new levels in 3 different game packs, with more levels to come — I’m sure. The reason is GameResort made a large numbers of updates to the original Stupid Zombies, which makes this game a good investment for the $0.99 purchase. There are in app purchases for Air Strikes which provide a guaranteed 1 star for any level you may be stuck on.

If you’re not familiar with Stupid Zombies, the gameplay is simple. Your main gun is a shotgun and on each level you get a certain number of rounds to take out all the zombies. The fewer shots the better and head shots provide more points. The levels increase in complexity, zombies begin to move, and the game definitely gets trickier. Each level requires the previous to be completed before unlocking, and the 2 additional game packs require a set numer of stars to be obtained before they are unlocked. You will get 1 complimentary Air Strike, but if you want more you will have to shell out some cash or “like” GameResort’s Facebook Fan Page, which is not a bad deal.


I like this game a lot and found this new version quite awesome to play. The new option of playing as a gun-toting-zombie-killing babe is good. The graphics are definitely higher quality, but it’s the new weapons that caught my attention. The first time I got the drop down ceiling gun I thought it was the enemy and I wasted my rounds shooting the wrong way — duuuhhh!. Then I slowed down and realized this was a new weapon. Now the complexity of this new weapon was kind of lame because in the level where it is introduced you merely shoot some red explosive barrels and all the zombies die — not very challenging, but still fun. StupidZombies 2 is well worth the money, works on both the iPhone and iPad, and should keep you busy for awhile. And if you don’t get all 3 stars for each level — just try harder. If and when you finish all of the levels, there will either be new content out or on the way is my guess. Checkout our StupidZombies 2 iPad App Video Review for a look at this large level new zombie shooter game.

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