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Sunny’s Story Paint – Clean Creative Fun For Kids!

Sunny’s Story Paint (by Infovole) is a fun, virtual finger painting app for young children that allows them to create their own works of art, with the help of 12 pre-started story templates. This application also allows for a child’s finished artwork to be saved to the camera roll, shared via email, or printed (on an airprint compatible printer) to be proudly displayed, perhaps to the highest spot of praise — the refrigerator.

The application is very simple in look and feel, mostly due to the targeted age group, which is kindergarten age children. The brightly colored main page splits the 12 pre-started story templates into two entry paths, one on the bottom right and one on the bottom left, through a colorless pencil-drawn frog or a Jack-in the-box (6 templates on each side). When you tap or swipe to enter in, the 2 objects fill with color and lead you directly to the 6 templates presented. The unfinished drawings help to jumpstart your child’s imagination getting him or her into the drawing and painting activity right away.

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Your child has the option to use a pencil to draw with or can choose to virtually dip their fingers in a variety of paint colors to get their hands “dirty.” Another playful element to the paint palette is that when you touch on a selected color, a musical piano note is heard, adding a whimsical touch. There is an eraser provided to help tidy things up a bit, and since my fingers are a bit big, I found I needed to use it where my colors ran outside the lines, but for those carefree types, it may not be needed at all. The option to delete the whole picture and start over again is also quite easy by tapping on the garbage can in the top right, and then selecting the check mark. The story templates range from things like a cowboy, a clown, to a scuba diver; there’s even a ready-made frame waiting for some free-hand paint-doodling expression. Sunny’s Story Paint is a fun, simplistic kids’ coloring app that allows children to unleash their imaginations and enjoy the freedom of painting till their hearts’ are content, but best of all, parents don’t have to deal with all the mess. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

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