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Super Monsters Ate My Condo! – Freaky, Frenzied Fun

The whacky adult swim “monsters” are back in the new iPhone and iPad game called Super Monsters Ate My Condo! This insane match-3 game is crazier than ever, now featuring frantic 2-minute timed gameplay, 90 goals to achieve, new condos, boosts, and a bunch of other cool stuff. This match-3 game is much like its older brother (Monsters Ate My Condo). While adult swim has increased the “wow” factor from the original monster match-3 game, they also added a never-ending revenue model. The gameplay is identical to the first (similarly named) game, which is to match 3 like-colored condo floors to the weird monsters (anxiously waiting on either side of your towering condo floors) ready to eat their own colored floor in order to expedite your matching. Too much of a wrong color given to any monster angers the monster, which can cause it to unhappily jump up and down and potentially topple your tower to the ground ending your game.

Super Monsters Ate My Condo! has the same gameplay, but is amped up on steroids (of sorts) with new floors (Cat, Dog, Nuke, Acid), multipliers, and a wild variety of boosts that can potentially make your scoring insanely high. Each game is timed at 2 minutes, unless you use a boost, however, boosts need to be unlocked first and they cost coins to use or you can get more time by making a match using a clock condo floor (also needs to be unlocked). During the 2 minutes, your goal is to score as many points as humanly possible by making combinations of 3 or more red, green, yellow, or blue condo floors. You will also create gold, silver and bronze floors, and now diamond floors as well as a mega multiplier condo floor — which really changes this game. You also level up in this game and get a condescending name for each new level reached, as well as unlock a new type of condo floor or boost. Apparently, after level 10 you will begin to have random events occur, not sure what this means, but it sounds fun. Unfortunately, I did not make it that far even with a few bucks worth of in app purchases. I did use several boosts which can range from additional individual monster multipliers to more time that launched my scoring to 1.95 billion points and 1,666th overall place — not bad. A nice creative touch to this game is the Fat Lady on the “Wheel of Fortune” like wheel or the “Super Monster Wheel” that you will get a chance to spin occasionally at the end of some games that can earn you more coins, a bonus, or more time.


Super Monsters Ate My Condo! is a lot of fun and has the addiction factor to it, but for me the revenue model is too strong and really weakens the fun factor. The problem for me is that I do not want to play a game where I have to keep pumping money into it to score higher. I think this works for a bit, but eventually people will put the game down, which is unfortunate because it is an really entertaining game — but not that entertaining. While I love adult swim games for their freaky, off-the-wall concepts that are truly engaging, I feel the move to the very aggressive revenue model isn’t going to help them. A quick check of stats for this game shows it fell to 491 Overall Paid, but it had previously been in the top 100 after launch. This app may be better sold for free and let the in app purchase model drive the game, similar to how Jet Pack Joyride flips back and forth from paid to free. Checkout our Super Monsters Ate My Condo! iPad App Video Review for a look at this whacky iPad and iPhone game.

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