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Super Turbo Action Pig iPhone App Video | Flying Bar B Que

Super Turbo Action Pig is an endless flying game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This game will challenge your intelligence as you try to keep your Super Turbo Pig alive. You will face dangerous obstacles like maces, butcher knives, and more. This game is extremely easy to play as described above. Upon opening the game you are greeted with funny sounds and graphics. You can choose to play this game in easy, medium, or hard levels (default is medium). Once your difficulty level is selected you use the red virtual “turbo thruster” button to raise and lower your pig and to prevent your pig from coming into contact with any of the “butchers” implements of pig destruction. This looks easier than it actually plays. The pig floats and is not immediately responsive to your thrust, in other words there is some physics involved (no math tests), but there is some delay in pig movement based on the thrust, which you will come to figure out. See how far you can fly in this stupid silly iPhone game, but first be sure to watch the iPhone app video below!

Video: Watch Super Turbo Action Pig iPhone App Video | Flying Bar B Que

Stupid silly casual iPhone game that is easy to pick up and play for some quick fun!


Watch App Video (link): Super Turbo Action Pig Review | Super Turbo Action Pig iPhone App Review

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