Swackett X Mac App- Weather Forecasting With A Twist

“Swackett” is a combination of the words sweater and jacket, thus taking us straight to what makes Swackett X different from all the other weather apps out there. Not only does this app provide you with the normal-format weather report, it also provides you with an invaluable what-you-should-wear format. This is definitely a first for me because I am used to either watching the weather channel or just looking at weather on my iPhone. However, this new idea of telling you what to wear turns out to be very useful, if you can’t immediatly tell what you should wear just by looking out the window, or if a window isn’t in your drect sight, this app can give you several options for what to wear for the current weather conditions. For example, if it were -10 degrees outside, you would see the temperature and also a picture of the SwackettX “Peeps” with heavy jackets on and earmuff or hats. But, if your still looking for more information on what the weather is going to be like, you can just scroll down and view the several weather radars, week long forecasts and current warnings/watches for your selected area.

I’ll give this app 5/5 heads because it does everything you would want, in a beautiful format, and has improved from the free version by eliminating the ads that used to get in the way, adding animation to the “Peeps”, and by putting the temperature of you area in the top menu bar, among various other improvements.Tswmcello

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Swackett X Mac App Details

Title: Swackett X
Cost: $2.99
Category: Weather
Developer: AGLogic LLC.
Store: Mac App Store

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Swackett X Mac App Download

swackett X - AGLogic, LLC.

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