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SWAT End War – Decent Android FPS Game (Video)

SWAT End War is a decent, free stationary-first-person-shooter Android game. While not stunning, this game is still pretty fun and features a variety of upgradeable weaponry, different game mission objects, game areas, and lots of opportunities to earn free gold to keep on playing. The strangest thing that takes a bit of getting used to is shooting with just a gun sight. This is because the sight floats around the screen wherever you drag it. There is an alternative weapon shooting view or full weapon view, but this control is horrible and I suggest you do not use it.

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Unfortunately, most game control action buttons are on the right side of the screen with no settings to change this. Sorry, lefties.

Although a stationary FPS, the gameplay is good and continues to challenge you the longer you play. With each level you will face appearing enemies. They have a timer delay that appears above their head. Once the timer delay gets to zero, the enemies begin to shoot you. There are a variety of different enemies, some deal more damage than others. The game areas are good and the missions vary, including kill all and hostage missions. A nice bonus is that every now and then you will get to try out a powerful weapon, and if used properly, you can typically destroy everything in your path (bonus weapons lasts for a limited time).

SWAT End War is an above average FPS Android game with plenty of free gameplay!

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